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Dagwoods is your local Santa Monica pizza shop with a simple mission: provide you

with the best food, at a great price, with exceptional customer service, while making a positive

difference in our community.

We've been named Santa Monica's Most Loved Restaurant of 2020! We are often credited with having the best pizza in Los Angeles as we are committed to using nothing but the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our extensive menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, subs, and wings – not to mention plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. 

Our clean, family-friendly restaurant provides a great atmosphere for everybody, both young

and seasoned. We even have a pet-friendly outdoor patio. Our 50” TVs are perfect for

watching all of your favorite sports games (if we don’t have the game on, don’t hesitate to ask!).

We offer free WiFi and have a spacious, private parking lot.

We at Dagwoods place a strong emphasis on giving back to our community. In order to

preserve freshness for our beloved customers, all of our “slice pies” never sit for longer than one

hour. At least every hour, a new slice pizza is made and all of the leftover slices are donated to

OPCC’s SAMOSHEL Homeless Shelter or OPCC's Turning Point Housing. We've also teamed up with the City of Santa Monica and FoodFight! by Postmates to donate even more food and food waste to local shelters to help fight world hunger! 

Dagwoods is here to serve you. Join us in our large dining room or call ahead and take

our food home. For those nights where you just feel like staying in, call us and have one of our

world-class drivers deliver the food right to your door. We also offer catering options that are

perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, and pretty much any other occasion. It’s easy to

place your order through or you can just give us a call!

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